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August Update Archive



8:31:04: Poor Alex Kidd has been on unemployment for ages now but we have a review of his last adventure, Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle, so you can relive his glory days. The print archive has received an update as well. Now you can browse over twenty-three Genesis, Sega CD, and 32X Japanese ads!

8:28:04: Another big update! A new article that discusses the Lunar games has been posted, as has the Working Designs ad gallery.

The Peripheral Guide has been updated. New additions include the Mega Jet, Mega CD karaoke unit, and Terra Drive. That brings us to 44 items!

8:27:04: Not all games are winners. In fact, some just plain suck. Wayne's World has obtained the lowest score in the short history of Sega-16. Come see just how bad things get. Just be sure to wash your hands and brush your teeth afterward.

The Features section has been revamped yet again, to make browsing easier. A new section has been added as well. We now have an song lyrics area devoted to the vocal tracks from Sega CD games. Enjoy!

8:23:04: What better for those who like young girls in school uniforms than: a review of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon! We also have a review for Double Dragon. Read VinnyT's impressions of the brawler that started it all.

8:20:04: Yay! Another 32X review! Read up on Blackthorne and while you're at it, check out our review of the original Sonic the Hedgehog!

The Print Ad Archive has been updated, with more ads for the Renovation gallery and a new Namco gallery!

8:19:04: The third in our "History of" series is now available and covers the JVC X'Eye.

8:18:04: Some new reviews today. Flicky and Doom Troopers are ready for your perusal.

8:14:04: Some big updates today! A new article chronicling the history of the Phantasy Star franchise can be found in the Features section and the Print Ad Archive has been updated, with a collection of Renovation ads added. We also have a new review for Ms. Pac-Man.

8:12:04: A new Sega CD game is coming! Good Deal Games will be debuting Mighty Mighty Missile at the 2004 Classic Gaming Expo on August 21st. It's obviously Chu Chu Rocket inspired but with four player action and a bunch of bonus games to unlock, that's not necessarily a bad thing. If you're a bit wary about the price ($29.99), remember that the fact that someone is still even making Sega CD games is impressive in and of itself. Hopefully Sega-16 will be able to buy a copy and give it a spin!

There will be many Genesis alumni at the Expo, including Rob Fulop (Sewer Shark, Night Trap), Roger Hector (former president of Sega Technical Institute), Jim Huether (Joe Montana Football, Castle of Illusion), and Steve Woita (Kid Chameleon, Sonic Spinball). Check out the Classic Expo site for further details.

Lo and behold! We have another 32X review up! Kolibri is the newest edition to our fledgling collection but hopefully it will open the floodgates to many more reviews (crosses fingers). We have a few new reviewers submitting and they'll be making their debuts over the next week or so. Remember, you can submit features as well and there are more than enough game to go around. I can't cover them all!

8:11:04: A new feature called The Ones that Got Away has been put up in the SegaBase section. It talks about unreleased 32X titles. Our thanks to Haohmaru from Dreamcast History for letting us use the GameGo! article, as well as Sam Pettus for his awesome SegaBase articles.

The Print Ad Archive has been updated with galleries for Electronic Arts and Konami now posted.

8:10:04: The media archive has been expanded! From now on, there will be print ads as well. We have over a hundred ads to upload and decided to kick things off with a Sega Gallery!

8:08:04: Big update to the peripheral guide. Three new sticks, three pads, and the RGB scart cable have been added.

8:07:04: The Genesis Master List has been updated through the letter "M." The Miracle Piano System and Aura Interactor Vest have been added to the peripheral guide.

8:06:04: A new edition to our column "Sega Stars" is up! Read all about Rieko Kodama, creator of the Phantasy Star series and one of the most prolific artists at Sega After you're done, get ready to kick some butt with our review of Last Battle.

8:03:04: We have a new feature that lists almost all the accessories released for the Genesis. The Accessory & Peripheral Guide lists 31 that were released over the system's life span. There's also a new guide on Connecting a 32X to a Sega CDX.

After you're done, have some fun with two more reviews! AH3 Thunderstrike & Shadow Blasters are ready for your perusal.