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July Update Archive


7:31:04: Some new reviews by a new contributor! Have some fun with her impressions of the Sega CD version of Ecco the Dolphin, Cobra Command, and the puzzle classic Columns.

7:30:04: A new feature begins! "Sega Stars" will take a look at the geniuses behind the games and their roles in the Genesis' success. Our first edition takes a look at the enigmatic Tokuhiko "Bo" Uwabo, who scored many of the most famous games ever made. Enjoy!

7:27:04: The first in a series of new columns is available to read. Better than the Original? kicks off by comparing the new GBA version of Altered Beast to the Genesis original. Which is better? Come in and find out!

7:26:04: A long weekend here meant no updates but we're back! Three new games have been reviewed: Treasure's masterpiece Gunstar Heroes, the classic Quackshot, and the tough-as-nails Rolling Thunder 2. And you thought we'd forgotten about you!

I'd like to thank EThugg from the got-next.com forums for the cool new logo!

7:20:04: It took a bit of finaggling, but our domain is active! Now you can access all the goodness directly from www.sega-16.com. The old URL will still work though.

One new review has been posted. Have a gander at our write up of Out Run!

7:19:04: Like bikes and chains? Our Road Rash 2 review is for you then! Perhaps you'd rather read about heavily armed reptiles in our Dinosaurs for Hire review.

The Genesis Media Archive has been refined and updated, making it easier on the eyes (I hope). Some new spots for 32X, Sonic Mania Day, and Sonic Spinball have been posted.

7:17:04: New reviews! Read up on General Chaos, Jeopardy, and Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Two new commercials are up: Spider-Man and Strider get approval from some questionable characters and a Yuymimi Mix spot is up as well.

7:16:04: The Genesis Master List has been updated; the letters "K" and "L" have been added. The Classic Commercials feature has received five new Japanese spots for Lunar: The Silver Star, Quackshot/Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Shining Force 1&2, and Shining in the Darkness. Enjoy!

7:15:04: Some more reviews have been posted. Walid Adams gives us his impressions on TMNT: Tournament Fighters, the horrendous Sword of Sodan (hey, we review 'em all, good or bad), and Data East's platformer High Seas Havoc. This brings us to over 70 reviews, so keep them coming!

There have also been some changes made to the features section. I've classified everything to make searching easier and two new items have been posted. Read Sam Pettus' historial on the Sega CD in Sega CD: A Console too Soon and check out some cool facts on the system in the Sega CD Factoid. Our thanks to Mr. Pettus and the (sadly) defunct SegaBase for producing such awesome articles. All are great reads and important sources of info for gamers.

7:13:04: Three new reviews by Walid Adams have been posted. Read all about Dick Tracy, Midnight Resistance, and the incredible Streets of Rage 2 in our reviews section!

7:12:04: A review for the Mega Drive classic Super Fantasy Zone has been posted. Check it out!

7:11:04: Two new contributors have submitted some great reviews. Come read their impressions of Awesome Possum and Toy Story.

7:10:04: Three more reviews have been put up. This brings us to over 60 reviews in all! Read Tim Miller's review of Aero the Acro-Bat, Alex Vormbrock's write up of Phelios, and Jason Wood's work on the classic shmup M.U.S.H.A.

We also have an excellent article about the History of Valis in the features section, courtesy of Japanese Gaming 16bit, so come in and take a look!

7:09:04: Four more reviews are available. Check out impressions for Lunar: The Silver Star, Sol-Feace, Soul Star, and Spider-Man vs. the Kingpin; all for Sega CD!

7:08:04: Shooters are everywhere! We've just put up reviews for Arrow Flash, Forgotten Worlds, Space Harrier II, Thunder Force II, Wings of Wor, and the hard-to-find Keio Flying Squadron for Sega CD. All were originally printed on the now-defunct Starbase 299 web site. It's important that great reviews live on, so here they are! We've also posted VinnyT's newest review, this time for Shining Force II, and Dyson Turner's impressions of Virtua Racing Deluxe for 32X. Plenty of material to read, so have fun!

7:07:04: After scrounging around some old hard drives, I found some great articles from the late Sega Base web site. Up first is Sam Pettus' terrific piece on the rise and fall of the Sega Genesis, Genesis: A New Beginning. It's quite long but extremely interesting and fun to read. Following is his historial on the life and death of the 32X: Project Mars: Anatomy of a Failure. Additionally, The Genesis Factoid has been posted and has lots of great facts and info about the variations of the console that were released. We also have some classic Genesis TV spots for your enjoyment!

7:06:04: A new review for Final Fight CD is up! I've also improved the Master Lists to include genres for each game.

7:05:04: Big update today, as Daniel Thomas has graciously allowed us to reprint two of his reviews for a pair of the Genesis' best games: Fire Shark & Herzog Zwei. We also have a review for Toe Jam & Earl up.

7:04:04 (Afternoon Update): Huge overhaul to the reviews section today. Now the Genesis, Sega CD, and 32X reviews all have their own sections, which makes things more organized. That's about all I'm doing today, as there are some hot dogs and BBQ ribs with my name on them. Have a happy 4th!

7:04:04: Castlevania's outing on Genesis has been reviewed! Check out William Villanueva's impressions here.

7:03:04: Two more reviews have been posted! Read Dyson Turner's opinion of Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and VinnyT's review of World of Illusion.

7:02:04: More changes to the navigation bar. The "comments" form has been replaced by contributor guidelines. Now you can find out everything needed to get a review or article posted! Just make sure to submit some quality work, as no one ever sleeps around here and slackers will be busted!

Another review is up! Kevin Cline has graced us with his coverage of Sega's underappreciated Ranger-X.

7:01:04 (Afternoon Update): Are you a fan of the Wonderboy franchise? Take a look-see at our new feature on the series in Wonderboy: A Retrospective. It's available in the Features section.

7:01:04: Just in time for Spidey mania, Jeremy Peeples checks out one of the finest, if not the finest Spider-Man game ever made: Spider-Man vs. the Kingpin for Genesis. Read the review here.