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October Update Archive


10:14:04: Sly Stallone is in a few games on the Genesis and Demolition Man is one of them. Is it any good? Read the review and find out!

Our feature contest has ended! Winners will be announced this weekend so stay tuned to see if you got lucky!

10:12:04: Just a reminder that our feature contest ends tomorrow at 11:59PM. You still have time to enter though! Just head over to our contest page and follow the quick and easy steps to win some great prizes!

10:11:04: Better than Gunstar Heroes? Many people put Contra: Hard Corps above Treasure's run-'n-gun classic. What does Sega-16 think? Why not read our review and find out?

10:09:04: With OutRun 2 set to tear up the asphalt on Xbox this month, we've decided to celebrate by examining the history of the franchise. Read the latest entry in our "History of" series and get your OutRun fix!

10:08:04: Sega-16 had the opportunity to chat with Tony Van, one of the Genesis' most prolific and talented producers and designers. It's an interesting little read that sheds some light onto what it was like to work at Sega during the mid '90s. Check it out here.

One of the great action/RPGs on the Genesis has been reviewed! Take a seat and enjoy our write-up of Beyond Oasis.

10:05:04: It was all the rage back when it was included as the Genesis' pack-in game. How well has the first 16-bit cartridge aged? Read our review of Altered Beast and find out!

Also, remember to enter our contest. It ends next Wednesday (October 13) so hurry!

10:04:04 (Afternoon Update): Our new article on the huge library of Genesis shooters is up! Have fun with our Shmups Extravaganza and then go blow something up.

In other news, 66% of those who participated in the poll said they come to Sega-16 for the in-depth and comprehensive reviews. I guess this means we're doing something right! Check out our new poll, which went up today.

10:04:04: We have a new video in the commercial archive. Michael Jackson's Moonwalker is a rare ad that comes to us courtesy of Adam King!

In other news, I'll be posting a new article that looks at the tons of shmups (shooters) for the Genesis. Look for that later this evening.

10:02:04: No one ever knows just what the hell he's saying but they fear him nonetheless! Should you fear Taz's first outing on the Genesis? Read our review of Taz-Mania and find out!