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June Update Archive


6:30:04 (Afternoon Update): The Genesis Master List is now complete through the letter "H" and some dates and developers have been fixed for the other entries.

I also fixed the reviews main page so that you can see in one place all the games that have been reviewed.

6:30:04: Check out our new feature " Ten Best Genesis Games with Bad Box Art." While you're there, check out our other features as well.

6:29:04 (Afternoon Update): Lots of changes today! I modified the navigation bar to include a link to got-next's forums. They're our sponsor site and have a great board for discussing everything gaming-related and otherwise. I also eliminated the "My Stuff" section. As I worked on the site, it gradually outgrew what I had originally planned, so the section no longer seemed to fit.

Something to cheer about! Shin Force, a wonderful site devoted to everything Sega, has linked to us! It seems the word is getting out!

6:29:04: Our review for Strider is up! Take a gander and hang around a while, ya hear? I'll hopefully have another feature up this week as well.

6:28:04: Put up a review for Faery Tale Adventure. It's a long read but worth the time. Look for reviews of Strider and Contra: Hardcorps this week!

6:27:04 (Afternoon Update): We've launched! After weeks of work and toil, sega-16.com is finally a reality. My thanks go out to all contributors and especially the great folks over at got-next. Without them, this never could have happened.

6:27:04: A review for Earthworm Jim 2 has been posted. I'm still working on the Genesis Master List, as well as posting some more reivews. Hopefully, I'll have time this week to post another feature!

6:26:04: The Genesis Master List has been done through the letter "F."

6:25:04: The Nomad Buyer's Guide has been posted, as has the first in a two part feature about the Sega CD digital comics! Come on in and Check it out!

6:24:04: The Sega CD Master List is done! I've also posted a review for Monster World IV by Johnny Broughton!

6:23:04: 35 reviews have been posted and all the fonts have been fixed. The Sega CD list is done through the letter "M" and the links page is up.

6:12:04: 28 reviews are up! There are at least 5 more that will be posted sometime this week, providing I find the time. Then there's the Sega CD list to do...

6-11-04: Finished the 32X list! Sega CD is next...

6-10-04: Began work on the Genesis Master List. I noticed that the lists at both Gamefaqs and Digital Press were incomplete and filled with errors, so I've set about making a comprehensive list for domestic and import games for Genesis, Sega CD, and 32X. ip

6-08-04: The Features page will soon get its first item. I'm working on a piece chronicling the only three domestically-released digital comics on the Sega CD: Rise of the Dragon, Space Adventure, and Snatcher. Look for it soon!