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  PlayStation 2
  Release Date:
  July 1, 2004 (Japan)
  Giant Robot Action


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Tetsujin 28 Go
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Shintaro is the little boy who happens to be the operator of the giant steel death machine known as Tetsujin 28. Unlike giant robots, humans are fragile, so you have to make sure he stays out of the line of fire, while at the same time being able to see well enough to launch T28's own attacks. The villains can move at the same time they control their giant engines of destruction, but to be completely unfair, you can't. Tetsujin 28 will have to stand still like a big blue target while you get Shintaro into position, which is especially annoying when the second analogue stick goes completely unused. This is made all the worse by the way the foot soldiers will attack the boy if they spot him, which normally is in the middle of a heavy metal slugfest. This is somewhat alleviated by the quick boost ability, which will have T28 fly up and automatically land somewhere near Shintaro, though not the times those giant metal feet land directly on top of him.

Weighing in at 25 missions, the Story Mode will take you about five hours to clear. That does seem a little quick for a slow moving giant robot, but the missions are fun enough to be worth replaying, with five levels of difficulty to match your own abilities. The story it told via manga-like cut-scenes, revolving around a criminal organization known simply as X. Their actions are generic as their name, though I didn't pick up this game expecting an anime version of War and Peace.

That's not all the piston-driven punch this game is packing, however. Challenge Mode not only has the aforementioned five levels of difficulty, but provides 45 missions of its own and 11 robots to choose from. It can even be muscled through with two players, if you don't mind sharing a split screen. Expect at least another ten hours of enjoyment to clear all of those missions, especially with the increased difficulty as you progress.

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