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Nintendo Enthusiast Summit '04: Part II
» Nintendo Enthusiast Summit '04: Part II
Our second installment chronicles Tom's hands-on time with the Nintendo DS and it's upcoming titles.

Nintendo Enthusiast Summit '04: Part II » Nintendo Enthusiast Summit '04: Part II
posted at: 02:53am 11/09/04
Our second installment chronicles Tom's hands-on time with the Nintendo DS and it's upcoming titles.

Live at Otenami Haiken 4 » Live at Otenami Haiken 4
posted at: 12:24am 11/08/04
We take a look at Japanese's latest Virtua Fighter 4 tournament where the best of the best "try out their skills".

Nintendo Enthusiast Summit '04: Day One » Nintendo Enthusiast Summit '04: Day One
posted at: 03:20am 11/06/04
Thomas offers an editorial canvas in a three-part series highlighting his gaming experience in the chilly Seattle, WA.

Gear: Logitech Cordless Headset » Gear: Logitech Cordless Headset
posted at: 11:05pm 11/05/04
No wires. No limits. GN checks out Logitech's revolutionary, cool wireless headset

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex » Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
posted at: 07:03pm 11/04/04
We jack into into Bandai's second Ghost in the Shell installment heading to stores next week.

Prince of Persia: Warrior Within - The Evil Syndicate » Prince of Persia: Warrior Within - The Evil Syndicate
posted at: 04:43am 11/02/04
Meet the cast of monsters who can't wait to rip your head off...

Crash Twinsanity » Crash Twinsanity
posted at: 11:09pm 11/01/04
Crash's latest adventure turns our world upside down; just not the way we wanted.

OutRun 2 » OutRun 2
posted at: 03:56pm 11/01/04
The rebirth of old-school arcade racing.

» Street Fighter Anniversary
Collection (Xbox, JPN)

posted at: 02:14am 11/01/04
Tired of waiting for the game to hit our shores? So were we. Our hands-on report, inside.

» The Mushroom, October 29, 2004
posted at: 05:44pm 10/29/04
Bringing the month to a close with another dose of video game satire.

» Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel without a Pulse
posted at: 04:50pm 10/29/04
An action game using the Halo engine? Color us interested. Details inside.

» Dungeon Siege II: The Azunite Prophecies, Part Two
posted at: 02:40pm 10/28/04
The second edition revealed.

» The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher's Bay Developer's Cut screens
posted at: 12:32am 10/28/04
Guess who's coming to the PC for the holidays?

» Otogi 2: Immortal Warriors
posted at: 12:00am 10/28/04
Legends never die...they just come back for more sequels.

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Top Stories

» Win a free copy of Halo 2
posted at: 12:00am 11/09/2004
And you don't have to even stand in line.

» Pocket Kingdom Media Sneak Peek
posted at: 01:36pm 11/08/2004
Developer selects 100 popular game sites to check out the first N-Gage MMO title.

» Countdown to Halo 2 Retail Madness
posted at: 01:01pm 11/08/2004
The most anticipted game in history goes on sale at midnight. Are you ready?

» Europeans love Guild Wars
posted at: 11:37pm 11/05/2004
NCsoft's newest MMO gains a significant European presence at its world preview event.

» Ubisoft gears up for a triple dose of DS fun.
posted at: 02:27am 11/05/2004
Ubisoft gears up to release a racy, sexy, and adventure-filled threesome for Nintendo's upcoming dual-screen handheld.

» Ghost Recon 2 ships two weeks earlier
posted at: 07:38pm 11/04/2004
Time to update your calendars.

» Guild Wars World Preview Event a Huge Success
posted at: 03:38pm 11/04/2004
Find out how to get in on future events inside.

» Massive content upgrade for Soldiers: Heroes of World War II
posted at: 03:09pm 11/04/2004
New maps, units, multiplayer modes & more. All in one convenient download.

» Ubisoft announces Tom Clancy Trilogy for Xbox
posted at: 03:16am 11/03/2004
Triple your pleasure with Ghost Recon, Splinter Cell and Rainbow Six all in one package.

» Corey vs. Corey vs. ...Katamari?
posted at: 12:00am 11/03/2004
Rock band Corey vs. Corey take on that dreaded ball of rocks... and other stuff.

» Got Next Presents: End Game Radio
posted at: 11:09pm 11/02/2004
Open your minds and ears to the coolest online gaming radio station.

» New N-Gage Holiday schedule
posted at: 09:58pm 11/02/2004
Nokia's hybrid handheld picks up some popular franchises guaranteed to pique the interest for the wireless gaming community.

» Rainbow Six Assault Pack #1 Now Available
posted at: 09:38pm 11/02/2004
Ubisoft unleashes several new maps to enjoy download and enjoy. Find out more inside.

» Technic Beat ships to retail
posted at: 02:27pm 11/02/2004
Colorful, wacky, and loud. Sounds like our type of game.

» Kutaragi comments on PSP battery usage
posted at: 01:49pm 11/02/2004
Sony president hints at the possiblity of reduced battery consumption.

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